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Carpe Vitam!

No One Makes It Out Alive: An End of The World Anthology
XLVII A.S. Various Authors; Edited by Hydra M. Star.

No One Makes It Out AliveA collection of thrilling fiction on the subject of the end of the world. In this Ragnarok Year, it seems most appropriate that this publication surfaces.

This book pokes fun at armageddon fears, ranging from the erotic to the comedic, all the while being quite dramatic. Catastrophe often creates vital focus on the necessity of survival for the living, modifying behavior and engendering evolution, while the unfit perish. So while the herd seek imaginary rewards with self-depriving mythological notions beyond the grave, being the veritable zombies they are, otherwise fostering preoccupations with conspiracy theories, the truly strong individual appreciates & experiences existence to the utmost.

With several writers offering their particular styles and genre expressions under the theme of global cataclysm, this recommended anthology proves to be most entertaining from various perspectives through fictional prognostications & fun-fear.

The cover art by Dave Lipscomb features a skull blending in with the earth, asserting the fears of mankind of apocalyptic scenarios, this book essentially serves as a literary memento-mori, with each story as cause for contemplation upon the preciousness of life and carnal indulgence. ∞

Carpe Vitam!

Tags: book review, literature, ragnarok, review

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