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FemaledictionsWhat a delighful surprise to find in the Hell-Post a package from Femaledictions, that wonderful proprietor of infernally indulgent scents to permeate your Magical atmosphere with the best available olfactory concoctions, a veritable witch's brew of perfumes, oils, and soaps that stimulates the kundalini for one's pleasure, and all those whom you wish to share in these carnal delights.

In this package, samples of virtually everything available thereof, including a most impressive "Baphomet soap", a creamy black and purple tinted sweet-scented work of art which shall serve as decoration for the sink in ye royal Draconian bath room. In two seperate baggies {one very nice black-lace and mesh bag} containing a plethora of oils named "Feneral Pyre", "Belly Dance", "Snake Goddess", "Bastet", "Dia De Los Muertos", Rose Noir", "Jack The Knife", "Pumpkin Head", "Zam Zam", each individually wrapped in a dark purple boa feather - elegant and charming. Also included are samples from such titles including "Asphyxia", "DeSade's Garden", "Lush", "Cookie Puss", "Geisha Girl", "Oni", "Swank", "Lone Wolf", "Satanic Gentleman", "Hell Scent", and "Beast of The Field" - all evocative, recalling various impressions in the psyche, and serve as fuel for the libidonous hellfire, as well as compassionate influences.

So, for those who detest the various common stinkful colognes and perfumes offered to the herd, these are certainly a welcomed alternative to those, which will accentuate one's natural pheromones without impeding their pleasant potency. I must say, that My current favorites are also "serpent's blood and dragon's blood" liberally dabbed in various points upon one's body, but now with these intoxicating aromas, it will prove quite interesting to experiment with them and gauge the various reactions from proposed lovers. Also recommended to create incense by dipping a punk {unscented} stick into the scent, as well as drip a couple of drops into a burning oil for lamps, as well as mixing a bit into the wax in various candles for that special purpose. For instance: 'Zam Zam' and 'Walpurgisnacht' for Walpurgisnacht, 'Dia De Los Muertos', 'Funeral Pyre' and/or 'Pumpkin Head' for Halloween and/or necromantic rites and Curses, 'DeSade's Garden', 'Lush', for Lust rituals and delicious romps with one's mate/s; 'Satanic Gentleman', 'Lone Wolf', and 'Swank' for various outings, etc. Not just for Witches, I rate Femaledictions at a 9/9.

* Belly Dance: Citrusy scent reminding one of feasts in a harem, wherein the sweet aroma of carnality mixes with ripening fragrant fruit.

* Zam Zam: Cinnamon evocations of incense-filled nights mixed with black candles and earthly delights.

* Funeral Pyre: The subtle scent of burning parchment reminiscient of the after-smell of Magic.

* Pumpkinhead: Smells like Halloween. Cinnamon and jack O' lantern treats.

* Dia De Los Muertos: The subtle scent of burning frankincense and myrrh.

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