Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Friday the 13th...

I actually acquired this series, appreciating the art and fables therein with great amusement.

In entertained contemplation on this ominous date, let us reflect upon what it could mean. It is said that the date was first inaugurated based upon the fate of The Knights Templar, wherein the order was disbanded by Pope Clement based on his fear of their political and financial influence at the time, eclipsing his in many respects; so it was decreed that they be executed on trumped up charges of diabolism.

Folkorically, it is said that thirteen represents the thirteen phases of the moon, there are thirteen members in a coven of witches, and that even jesus and apostles numbered thirteen at the ill-fated last supper, as plagiarized from such pre-judeo-christian practices.

Mytheologically, Friday the 13th is a high time for superstitions, recalling all those sublimated fears haunting the human psyche. Everything from black cats crossing one's path, to roosting ravens to broken mirrors, and walking under ladders. Like the dreaded 666, the number thirteen has come to represent mishap, the paranormal, the morbid, inspiring everything from nervous laughter to the avoidance of the afore-mentioned activities, even countering such with additional 'precautions'.

I propose Friday 13th's to be black cat appreciation days, and have fun with superstition day, even inclusive of Satanic Panic foolishness, jesting at the herd in all of their paranoid crutches.

Like Halloween, Friday the 13th can be a grand time to celebrate Magic and mystery, to revel in the shadowmantic stimulation.

The weather here just so happens to compliment the psychodrama nicely. Overcast, rainy, & very pleasant. The winds howl, the candlelight flickers, the indulgences commence. ∞

Tags: 13, 666, friday 13th, friday the 13th, halloween, mythology, psychology, satanic numerology, satanic panic, supernatural, superstition

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