Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ouija Laptop?

Observing the sublime aesthetics of the "steampunk laptop", or antiquarian futurism, as resonant and complimentary to one's Total Environment Lair, I have been contemplating the possibility of the construction of a "Ouija laptop". I have always appreciated the artistic qualities of the mystifying oracle, so imagine the keys on a keyboard replicated to the italics & numerals thereon, in that configuration, with the Greetings as the power on function, and Goodbye as the shut down, and whatever extras included upon the periphery {backspace, enter, shift, caps lock, tab, etc.}, with of course, the planchette as the mouse. As it is, I am pleased to have the keyboard upon a glow-in-the-dark Ouija Board, so this seems like a {para?}-natural progression.

While on the subject, a Knight Rider laptop would also be very desirable {as it is, the treasured KR DVD set already foreseeably resembles a laptop, as KITT's hood}; & a KITT mouse would also be a fantastic manifestation, complete with scanner, perhaps even with matching keyboard. After all, KITT contains his own 'intranet', as well as internet, in the accumulation and transmission of data, & and the multiplicity of multimedia capabilities. As of this writing, the closest models resembling this idea are the G9 Laser mouse by Logitech, & the Saitek Cyborg keyboard. Slight modifications may produce a suitable presentation; which, incidentally, also resembles a Batman quality as well. ∞

Knight Is Right!

Tags: aesthetics, art, kitt, knight rider, ouija, technology, technomancy

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