Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Diary VII & The Addams Family

Well, went to Fry's Electronics to pick up an new printer cartridge for the next batch of Devil's Diaries, which should be back from the printers by the end of the week and shipped out soon thereafter. A new acquisition for The Devil's film file, however: The Addams Family movie DVD. I have long since possessed it on VHS, but now it accompanies the Addams Family Values DVD which I acquired a few months ago on another enchanted outing. It was enchanted because what I did was mentally "ask Satan" to "lead Me" to the best opportunity and find, when lo and behold, I turned around, and veritably staring Me in the face was a display offering the film up, like a new shipment had arrived a short time ago, and this in the wake of My long-time preoccupation with this series, for I do assert that they are a depiction of the prototypal Satanic Family Unit. So there seemed to be a bit of synchronicity operating here; and the act of "asking" served as a stimulus to both access clairevoyance {which is routine for Me}, as well as preserve The Magical Mindset in flowing with Satanic Grace. As a matter of fact, I Am currently in the process of writing an essay entitled "The Addams Family & The Munsters: A Satanic Observation", which will only be available for reading to those joining The Addams Family Forum. So it all came together quite nicely. Hail Satan!

It's the tackiest time of the year...

One of the reasons why I prefer shopping online is to avoid the torpidity of the herd, but I needed this ink quickly in this case; and so I become amused by the tangible fear and trepidation emitted in the presence of a Satanist. So even now the herd clamor over themselves in the precluding days to their xmas holiday with all of the greed, envy, and gluttony it brings, with gaudy displays being erected on front lawns, which lent a perspective as to why I consider Halloween a much better holiday {besides being an intrinsically Satanic Holiday, of course} - as chintzy and goofy as some of the displays in that cultural expression may sometimes be, at least it has the potential to be dark and forboding, and certainly requires more imagination. No tree corpses, only corpses hanging from trees, no expected gift-giving to those who may mean little to one, only collecting and dispensing with candy with a trick added for compensation {and really, the only time of year when the herd looks remotely interesting - I have postulated that the only times the herd are in any way vaguely appealing is in relating to sex, finance, and death}.


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