Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Draconia: A Total Environment Theme Park

Abandon Disbelief Ye Who Enter Here...

Draconia Dress Code: Where appropriate.

1. Victorian dress, & various fetishistic vampiric attire as seen in various vampire films.
2. Noir Attire — fedoras, suits, trench coats, dresses & skirts of the period.
3. Mideival Attire.
4. Renaissance Attire.

In addition, there will be various representations of legendary monsters & anti-heroes wandering about the premises amongst the crowd.

Weather: Foggy & stormy. Flashes of lightning interminably, created by either rain salts deposited in the immediate atmosphere, or an artificial sky & skyline.

Castle Poenari

A Total Environment incorporating the complete experience of Romania during the reign of Vlad Tepes. Building structures are in the architecture reminiscent of that era, but with all the modern conveniences cleverly hidden about the premises. Rules of engagement will be to that era, incorporating harsh draconian procedures of punishment should anyone get out of line. Most obviously, those causing disturbances will be impaled, &/or flogged, placed in the rack, the neck vice, etcetera.

Stage re-enactments portraying the various infamous historical events such as ‘The Field of The Impaled’ will be displayed, where automatons representing Vlad Tepes, his warriors, the Romanian people, & enemies will act out their roles, presented in a theatre accessible to mature audiences. Most notably, the tales of the Turkish clergymen who refused to remove their religious caps at the request of the Prince, who subsequently had their caps nailed to their heads. Inviting Turkish guests to be inebriated within a certain building, then burned alive. And of course, the scene of The Prince dining amongst the corpses of his enemies, dipping bread into their blood, & slurping it down. Battle scenes of the Order of The Dragon staving off the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Castle Dracula {various sections}

The rest of the theme park will demonstrate Bram Stoker's vision of the vampire, from the emaciated phantom of Felix Murnau's 'Nosferatu', to the the more theatrical Gothic romantic portrayals of the vampire & its environment, from Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, to Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, complete with castle edifices, capes, fangs, supernatural abilities, etcetera. Maidens stalked & seduced, Van Helsing brandishing his cross with his band of "God's madmen" / vampire -hunters.

{Note: Universal Studios Hollywood presented a Castle Dracula stage show for a time, complete with a ruined edifice, until replaced by The Adventures of Conan attraction.}

Castle Frankenstein

Set in England. To be presented in as close a portrayal as Mary Shelley's depiction. The laboratory, the energizing necromancy of Dr. Frankenstein enlivening his creation, Frankenstein's Bride makes an appearance, screaming maniacally. The grave-robbing scene, wandering scenes, the burning windmill scene. The theatre will be permeated with negions from the tesla coil enervation.

The rest of the attraction will be populated by zombies / mummies of various cultural traditions, which will also contain a museum displaying some mummified corpses, kept in Egyptian, Incan, & Mayan temples.

Scientific Theme: A section is dedicated to the progression of science & invention will be included, displaying inventions such as electricity, the cinematograph, the telephone, the gramophone, the airplane, automobile, among many others; remarkable inventions from the past, present & future.

The Werewolf Forest

Environment primarily consists of woodland area - the wilderness all throughout Draconia. Lycanthropic creatures wander about. The transformation is shown, after which the creatures attack incognito actors who blend in with the crowd.

Witches' Grove

Classical depictions of the Witch & Warlock throughout literature & fable - including the cultic depictions invented by christians of sacrifice & orgiastic Sabbaths. The church from "The Devil's Rain" is located thereabouts as well. Upon entering, Enochian chants resound, the Devil as portrayed by Ernest Borgnine stands before the Altar, & the black eye-socketed robed celebrants sit reflectively in the pews. The interior is designed exactly as shown in the film. Amongst the congregants, stands the image of High Priest Anton LaVey with ceremonial bronze helmet.

Witches' Grove is located somewhere in the Werewolf Forest near The Black House.

The Black House

In the Western portion of the park. Dedicated attraction to true Satanism, the creaky black wrought-iron gate slowly swings open. History-making events such as the first Satanic Baptism, Wedding, & Funeral are displayed herein. An AHC of The Black Pope, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey stands in The Ritual Chamber, accessible through the swinging bookcase {which contains the infamous warning "Do Not Remove Books From Shelves. Anyone caught removing books from shelves will have their hands amputated."}, which will be likened to the attraction in the museum in San Francisco. "The Satanic Mass" is played therein. "Satan Takes A Holiday", "Strange Music", & "Honolulu Baby" echoes throughout the house from hidden speakers. An AHC of Dr. LaVey plays the tunes in The Music Room. Descending into the basement, an AHC of Dr. LaVey stands in The Den of Iniquity amongst his own AHC's. In the Purple Parlour, Satanic literature, including all of Dr. LaVey's books, music recordings, & videos, are displayed & sold. Merchandise from various Infernal Empire sources are also available for purchase.

The Graveyard

Tombstones, Crypts, & Monuments with the names of villains & the infamous array this somber place amidst skeletal trees. Names thereon include Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, Sir Basil Zaharoff, Friedrich Nietzsche, Marquis DeSade, Herbert Spencer, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, among others, & a commemorative trapezoidal monument to Anton Szandor LaVey, which also serves as a luciferic lighthouse, stands as a dominant mass overshadowing all. Fog {spewn from hidden dry-ice machines} floats about them. ∞

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