DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Sabbatic Cthulhu

Vernal Equinox XLVII A.S.

Season Leviathan surfaces on this Vernal Equinox, with cresting waves swirling and heaving in great tumult, as something monstrous lurks in the deeps, ancient, a murky shadow emerges from the brine with glistening eyes and tendrils sublime.

A glimpse into the Watery Abyss reveals Cthulhu rising to greet the stars in this rendition of The Sabbatic representation of a Thousand Young.

By Lucifer's grace, the storms continue to bring purification and invigoration, & as the hellement of Water represents the emotions, passionate resolve, the keys to the Magic Realm, so may this season yield great pleasures and treasures as we plunge the depths of our darkest desires! ∞

Hail Cthulhu! Hail Leviathan! Hail SATAN.

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
Vernal Equinox, XLVII A.S.

Tags: aesthetics, art, cthulhu, equinox, hellmark, lovecraft, nature, seasonal, seasonal greetings, seasonal message, seasons, seasons in hell, shadow gallery

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