Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Old Nick Spring Lust issue

Old Nick Spring XLVII A.S. Lust issue

Old Nick Spring XLVII A.S.Old Nick arrives upon the carnal current, coursing through the earth and the loins of humanimal beasts.

Seven very agreeable de-facto dictums by infamous writer Christopher Hitchens heads our way into this literary den of iniquity, with commentaries upon such topics as anti-theism, smoking & drinking, religion, sex, stupidity, evil, & Satanism. Very much corresponding with the analyses of those subjects by Satanic philosophy.

Features contain amusing & gritty interviews with Jimmy Vargas & horror novelist Edward Lee, while "Sexpert" Selina Minx offers advice on bringing lovers into the relationship for mutually gratifying sexperiences.

In Vices, we are treated to the attributes & history of beer, the Amber Demoness in her many forms. Contemplative factoids to ponder the next time you ingest her essence.

Within The Night Gallery, the dimly lit chamber reveals the infernal imagery, glimpses of The Abyss, in sculpture and photography, by Artist Valentin Schwarz. Also upon these delightfully decadent walls, an erotic comic strip premieres, Slices of Sin by Sentinel Comics, illustrating sexual adventures to ruminate.

The multimedia review section Wine, Women, & Song features the salacious poetry of Count Morivond, the dark metal of Nekromantheon, the musical innovations of Shining; while Sin City crooner Jimmy Vargas {who is also interviewed at length herein} discovers the treasured sinister jester belonging to one Bettie Paige in an unlikely place; and a foray into the belly of The Beast known as Hell-A yields a wonderfully sinful celebration of the flesh.

As always, the succubi contained herein will titillate the senses, stimulate those E.C.I.'s, & ignite those fetishes with kundalini hellfire. Gracing the cover is Witch Marilyn Mansfield at her best, while 'channeling' her devilicious namesake within her total environment turned veritable lightning rod to indulgent energy; next, as if gazing through a keyhole in timelessness, the exquisite Bettie Paige seemingly returns, enjoying a bit of lustful ligature for your contemplation; through another door, a very felinesque Temptress Minx opulently slinks about ever so seductively within an evocatively hellegant environment; Madison adorns The Altar 'neath the approving gaze of Baphomet, as Madea is just having some diabolical enjoyment with a cool blade made blazing hot; & this lustuary heats up back at Old Nick's nunnery, where these nuns have all the fun.

Finally, what kind of man reads Old Nick...? ∞

Old Nick

Tags: carnality, erotica, literature, lust, magazine, review, satanism, sensuality, sex, sinemaerotica

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