Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Platy-Puss

The Platy-Puss: The so-called "duck face", or "trout pout" exhibited by various pop tarts and their assimilates. Seems that in most instances, particularly in Caucasian females, in order to appear that they have fuller lips, these herdlings assume the laughable bloated oraphice visage {which in many instances actually resembles anal distention} for the approval of others with the same general lesser aesthetic perspective.

It has always been known that such a face is called the "sour-puss", and is indicative of sucking a lemon, ugliness, or idiocy. Seems like a joke gone wrong.

While the platypus is actually a rather adorable creature, and most capable in its element, in fact, an evolutionary remarkability, these sub-human drones are hardly even a fraction of their worth to the environment & overall existence.

In any case, since all this emphasis is being placed upon lip tension, might as well put it to good use! In fact, frictional activity enhances the tissues for such a socially-proposed desirable swelling effect! ∞

Tags: animal kingdom, animals, comedy, dracisms, dractionary, evolution, humor, social commentary, social observation

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