Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Draconian Aesthetics

From The Wicked Warlock of The West...

I have been asked what My frequent aesthetic preferences are, so I would have to say it is a combination of Noir {in suit-like style}, 'Metal', & 'Goth' genres {black leather} - "Draconian", collectively, radiating an overall 'wonder' / fear element*. Usually, leather pants, boots, vest, & jacket {usually a trench coat}, & depending upon environment, situation, and weather, sometimes {leather} gloves, fedora hat & tie {hair style: long, black, 'slicked' back}, most times accompanied by one of several canes {"Diabolus" devil head cane being My favorite}, & black shades.

From the jewelry box, a silver medallion {usually a Pentagram or Baphomet}, & silver rings {usually the Baphomet, Skull of Ur, Coop Devil, Dragon / "Dragomir"}, worn on the cornu fingers. Ideal constitutional attire, all of which seemed a natural evolution.

Ideal Dracmobile? What I call The Dracmare, a mix of the Batmobile & K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider. Otherwise, I would have to say a hearse, Dodge Magnum, '66 /'67 Mustang, or one of various classic cars from the Noir era, such as a Phaeton or Mayback. ∞

* See The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Witch; Anton Szandor LaVey / i.e., descriptions and definitions of 'The Command To Look'; & Dractionary; The Devil's Scroll: 'The Lighthouse Effect'.

* Related: ACI/ECI.

Tags: aesthetics, art, automotive, baphomet, biography, canes, clothing, constitutional, dracumentary, kitt, knight rider, temple of the vampire

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