DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Put the 'Evil' in 'Devil'.

PUT THE 'EVIL' IN 'DEVIL': Satanism With Horns. The preservation of the mystery, Magic, awe, psychodrama, & fearsomeness of Satanism, enhancing The Shadow Side from The Abyss within. Regarded in the Jungian sense, while preserving the Nietzschean perspective of "Beyond Good & Evil". {Elaboration in "The Demystification of Satanism"; The Devil's Scroll}.

Lest Satanism become watered-down or whitewashed, there certainly is a healthy fear to be engendered in the herd, while stimulating to those who resonate with the philosophy. - Dractionary. ∞

Tags: dractionary, evilutions, magic, philosophy, psychodrama, psychology, satanism, shadow gallery, shadowmantium


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