Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Ming The Merciless action figure

Hail Emperor Ming! Ruler of The Universe!Arriving this splendidly rainy afternoon, is welcomed one Ming The Merciless action figure made by Bif Bang Pow! {who also cast the Twilight Zone figures}, as a remarkable addition to the figure collection.

Standing 7" with fully articulated composition, high quality materials with remarkable detail for these figures, is this representation of a most impressive villain from the Flash Gordon series rendered for three dimensional appreciation. This figure quite honestly greatly resembles Dr. LaVey, so it seemed to follow suit that the 1" Baphomet pendant be added thereunto for personal accentuation, complimenting the presentation perfectly, in My estimation. For now, he is placed beside The Infernal Machine.

Being a collector of action figures since a Dracling, also prominently within the action figure collection, among several others, are James Mitchell {The Sinister Minister, complete with pentagram lapel pin & wolf head cane}, The Undertaker, Lord of Darkness {McFarlane edition - Legend}, Darth Vader, Skeletor, Grimskull {Skeleton Warriors}, 'The Four-Crown Princes of Helloween' - Universal Monsters Count Dracula {with coffin}, The Wolfman {with cellar}, Frankenstein {with slab}, The Creature From The Black Lagoon {with water-spitting capabilities} / The Mummy {with sarcophagus}, Rasputin, & more.

Such molded figurines of archetypal sinematic characters can be inspiring, as there certainly are visually-stimulating psychological elements which resonate with one's peculiar dispositions, ergo, an A.C.I.* It is contended that certain archetypal constructs can be revealing in which types of aesthetic preferences people are drawn towards. ∞

Hail Dizan.

* "Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia: The period in one's life where the image of a villain, hero, or an otherwise character visually influences a person to adopt a similar visage. Also refers to the preference of certain environments. Some people may develop several in their lifetime. It is commonly referred to as a "type". This perception was influenced by Dr. Anton LaVey's codification of an E.C.I. {Erotic Crystalization Inertia}." - Dractionary.

* Related: Villain Spotlight: Ming The Merciless.

Tags: aesthetics, art, black earth, dracling, dracumentary, films, movies, possessions

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