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Villain Spotlight: Darth Vader

* Villain Spotlight: Darth Vader. Vader embodies the technological integration of futuristic cyborg potential, who, even after experiencing immolation, like the phoenix rising from his own ashes, through his own will and superior force, survived to be the veritable ruler of The Universe second only to Palpatine.

With his Nazi-inspired helmet & flowing black cape likened a Count Dracula, & where Science-fiction frequently becomes Science-fact, He represents the sublimated fears of the populace. ∞

* The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell.
* The Mythology of Star Wars with Bill Moyer & George Lucas.

As a side note, I actually acquired a Darth Vader medallion as a Dracling, which one could foreseeably propose was a first "Baphomet", as it were, which could have been an indication towards one's eventual predispositions. Additionally, I always tended to dress as Vader and other villainous characters for Halloween. ∞

Tags: archetypes, blackthorne theater, dracling, dracumentary, film, mythology, psychology, science fiction, video, villains

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