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* Villain Spotlight: Ming The Merciless. Essentially a space dictator, Emperor Ming depicts many of the traditional villainous characteristics straight from The Devil archetype. From the predominantly red accoutrements, shaved head, diabolical goatee, and arched eyebrows. Elegant in countenance, & 'evil' aesthetics, Ming The Merciless makes an overall impressive appearance.

Some have observed the strong resemblance to Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey with Ming. While there is an obvious comparison, the inspirational character of Ming The Merciless predates Walpurgisnacht Year One. The diabolical aesthetic adopted by Magus LaVey was merely a natural progression in his evolution as founder of The Church of Satan. ∞

Hail Dizan.

Tags: archetypes, blackthorne theater, film, movie, spechtreum, video, villains

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