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Drac Suey

VajrapaniDrac Suey
{Stir Fry noodles}


1. Oriental noodles, of whatever variety; for it is the base to be flavored.
2. Meat of whatever choice; either fresh or canned {"chunky" variety}.
3. Mixed vegetables.
4. Butter or margarine.
5. 1-2 large eggs.
6. Soy Sauce.
7. Seasonings From The Abyss: Italian seasoning, Lawry's seasoned salt, garlic powder, dill weed, black pepper. Acquired from spice rack section at various markets; unless otherwise noted, "5th Season", "Spice Supreme", "Spice Classics" brand spices are appropriate}.


* Soften noodles in water until warmed & loose. Preserve water for later.
* Place butter or margarine chunk to melt in pan.
* Add noodles, mixed vegetables, meat. If canned, add liquid contained therein. Stir well with spatula or pitchfork.
* Add egg/s, pierce yolk, mix in.
* Add soy sauce.
* Add Seasonings From The Abyss. 2-3 shakes / pinches each.
* Add water from noodles as needed, turn down heat & simmer down now, stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to pan.
* When liquid recedes to about 1/2 pan full, turn off & allow noodles to absorb the ingredients, approximately 5-10 minutes.
* Serve. Add a bit more noodle water if desired per bowlful.
* Enjoy with Saki.
* Total Environment option: Additionally, accompany the meal with Asian-themed music, accoutrements, decor, with optional favored presentations of an oriental nature. ∞

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