Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dracmas Cake

By a black candle in the gloom, the celebratory confection was prepared to celebrate the birth of The Black Dragon, emerging anew, empowered, in timeless regeneration. The trapezoidal Ziggurat design topped with a horned predatory fanged skull, memento-mori transformed unto a memento vivendi, absorbing indulgence within the flesh. The Pentagram emblazoned upon the encapsulation of the almighty will, combined with the triune numerage of the Mighty Satanimal Beast. The hellemental corners decorated with ziarah pikes jutting forth sharply. Could very well have been a carved plaque in its three-dimensional daemonic presentation.

Moist, rich devil's food cake slathered in chocolate butter-cream topping, black & orange icing, & triple layered in dark red frosting in between. Apparently made in Hell, it really resembles a purported 'Satan's Birthday Cake', and for all intensive purposes, it indeed is... ∞

Tags: 666, aesthetics, art, birthday, black earth, dining, dracmas, draconis blackthorne, dracumentary, food, nativity

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