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Love & Human Remains

Love and Human Remains
XXVIII A.S. Directed by Denys Arcand. Written by Brad Fraser (play), Brad Fraser (screenplay). Starring Thomas Gibson, Ruth Marshall, Cameron Bancroft

An interesting multi-layered film* focusing on the private lives of promiscuous urban city dwellers. Sexual curiosities yield erotic investigation for one gay man room-mating with a lesbian, both of whom are friends with a dominatrix, whose social circle is haunted by a serial killer in their midst, unbeknownst to them, until finally revealed in the end, who also suffers an unexpected fate.

In one remarkable and disturbing scene, he takes a "job" with her, in which he plays the part of a 'white knight' type of 'good' cowboy dressed in white, rescuing the girl in apparent distress, while the client plays the role of the villain cowboy reminiscent of a spaghetti western, who is thereby admonished to quite literally lick the boots of the 'good' cowboy, to his disgust and dismay.

Another scenario relates the burgeoning sexuality of a young man who harbors a crush on him, pursuing his curiosity until finally submitting to a request that he pull down his pants, bend over a pool table, leaving him in a vulnerable, potentially humiliating position, but which only seems to prod him further with his curiosities. Remembering the previous evening's travails through a miasma of distorted recollection, he inquires as to who it was that brought him to climax the previous night, wherein he was given a dose of heroin, promptly delivering him into an unconscious stupor.

In the end, all are embroiled in a mishmash of dependency upon a serial killer who turns out to be the ex-boyfriend, who proclaimed his love while plunging backwards to his death.

A fascinating plot throughout, eventually revealing the main character contracting the dreaded HIV virus.

Overall, the film displays a circle of acquaintances who partook in rather impulsive behavior, demonstrating the cause & effect results of irresponsibility & compulsion. Partake in the pleasures of the flesh as you will, but just remember that the key to responsible indulgence is the application of epicurean selection. ∞

* Which could just as easily, and perhaps more honestly, be named "Lust & Human Remains".

Tags: film, lust, movie, multimedia review, review, sensuality, sexology, sexuality, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, video

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