DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dracmas card from "The Mother of All Satans"

With Dracmas approaching on the 1st, or "Candlemas Evil", I had the pleasure of receiving this wonderful card from "The Mother of All Satans" in the Hell Post contained within a large dark red envelope. Note the black flowers & elegant presentation. Being one who grows various strange plants & flowers {many times utilizing them in several confectionery concoctions}, this comes straight from the heart, and is a true expression of herself. She and I write actual letters to one another on such occasions. Upon our recent conversation, she informed Me that these words echo her sentiments exactly:


Son, the day you were born I expected to love you unconditionally, and to find joy in holding you, and to feel happiness just by watching you grow... but I never expected to be so in awe of the way you affect the world around you, and I certainly didn't realize just how much you would teach me. I'm so proud of the special person you are and all the wonderful things you do.

Happy Birthday!"

A fortunate Devil I certainly Am. ∞

Tags: birthday, candlemas eve, dracling, dracmas, draconis blackthorne, dracumentary, infernal progeny, nativity

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