Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

They watch...

So it has occurred again with the relocation of a Nkisi warrior figure. This one has been keeping Me company in 'Hell's Kitchen' since the move here to Devil Lake, but in order to provide just a bit more room for other accommodations, he has been moved onto the porch near his 'brother' {they seem to prefer it outside anyway}; and with the relocation, a series of unexplainable noises transpire, like foot stepping when no one is present, as if 'settling in' to the new position.

Folkorically, these are intended as veritable sentries, such as gargoyles are, who protect the home and bestow good fortune. They also make for exotic art pieces with their fearsome appearance. Attained from a former customer now deceased, these are genuine from a tribal village in Africa, the nails upon their form each represent a wish, a care; and so they have assumed a presence all their own. ∞

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Tags: art, black earth, dracumentary, magic, nkisi, nkondi, paranormal, parapsychology, possessions

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