Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Amor Picante Hot Sauce

Amor Picante Hot SauceAmor Picante Hot Sauce {with limon} by Castillo.

Being of Mediterranean descent with a lean towards Spanish {as in Spaniard, Castillian} / Italian {as in Roman}, I naturally love hot sauce. I tend to add a splash to many confections I enjoy, & although I fancy several, My favorite is probably Lucifer's Hot Sauce from Lucifer's Pizza. That said, imagine My delight at spotting this unique bottle from a recent excursion.

"Amor Picante" translates to "spicy love"* {or could that also mean 'lust'}, and features two devil-tailed hearts merging in a sea of green lava. It certainly adds a wonderful bit of extra spice to one's dish. There is also a 'regular' version, & both come in Hot, Medium, & Mild levels. I would recommend Medium for maximum enjoyment with that bit of zing, preserving the inherent flavor of the meal, without unnecessary discomfort, unless preferred. ∞

* As an aside, "Castillo" translates to "Castle".

Tags: dining, food

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