DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Dark Knight, Elvira, & The Doo Dah Parade!

The Black Earth: Doo Dah Parade: An oddball collection of performers display their talents and creations in this annual "alternative" to the Tournament of Roses Parade; although it is open to anyone wishing to "march" in this event. Now, as far as 'parades' are concerned, I usually opt to view them via broadcast, remaining in the comfort of The Noctuary Lair, insulated from the dredgery of the slovenly herd and lightmare, yet on a day such as this, so gloomily overcast and awash in chilly zephyres, I may venture forth after all...

Evocation: Speaking of the Tournament of Roses Parade, I recall the Stealth fighter plane flying high amidst the cumulus clouds one morning in Year XXXV A.S., which resembled The Bat Plane, as I saw it from My high window, and was an inspiring site to behold - one could almost hear the strains of the Batman theme. Other remarkable entries were Elvira's Classic Movie Monsters float, which was a most gratifying spectacle.

Speaking of Batman, Batman Begins is scheduled to be released next year with The Scarecow as nemesis, and I Am pleased to write that the aesthetics look much more like the first two movies {directed by de-facto Satanist Tim Burton, not the subsequent panderings to the ghetto-trash sub-culture in 3, or the cheap stunt film of 4; which is unfortunate, for so much more could have been done with these characters and storylines}, resembling the Dark Knight much more, as this prototypal Satanic character should be portrayed. We shall see if this impending presentation does justice to the caped crusader.


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