Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nocturnal Contemplative Impressions

An overcast day turned to night, mist ornaments darkened mountains likened a serpentine fog, draping across hillside & crevasse, floating above the lake reflecting upon the black waters. The scent of moist earth arising while crisp air invigorates the flesh & mind. Elements embraced, darkly rich colorations filter through low-hanging clouds, casting shadows upon the land.

Organism captured, returned to its cell. Misery uncovered, creates its own hell. The lowly huddle 'neath cold enslavers, as burning eyes leer in disdain behind abyssal glass, knowing what is to be.

Amidst a rush of faceless drones, running to and fro, cower from the face of their fear, yet upon their backs, their desire, amused devourer possessing sustenance & pleasure. Thine eyes betray thy vice.

Tales echo in the nocturne wind, another torn asunder in the demon hour, crimson justice served alone in stripes of lamentation, parasitic purification. ∞

Tags: malefick musick, misanthropy, music, nature, poem, poetry, satanic serenades, video, weather

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