DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Blackthorne Productions Interview

NOW PLAYING: Draconis Blackthorne & Blackthorne Productions were the subject of a recent interview on Adam Campbell's 9Sense program [RSS feed: 12/18 / Direct Download: mp3] for Radio Free Satan. This interview was conducted on the night of December 5th {Krampusnacht}, & focuses primarily on the various past & present projects, & business endeavors of Blackthorne Productions. The conversation ranged from the origins of Blackthorne Productions, One's Satanic realization, subsequent natural affiliation with The Church of Satan, Ouija boards & oracles as objects d'art & sometimes experimental devices, & also includes a narration of the poem entitled "Krampusnacht". ∞

Radio Free Satan

Tags: black arts & witch crafts, blackthorne productions, books, business, church of satan, draconis blackthorne, infernal empire, interview, krampusnacht, literature, magazines, media, nefarious news, news, oracles, podcast, radio free satan, rfs, satan's ouija, satanism, the devil's diary

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