Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Though not the usual excursion, out of peculiar amusement, after enjoying "cloven coffee", we decided to venture forth to the local "Winterfest" event tonight, though the season is not actually arriving for three weeks yet. It is quite still Autumn, which the herd for some reason seem to want to forgo the rest of Fall in favor of a speedy Winter. I always thought it interesting how even through Fangsgiving, the splendid days leading up to the Solstice are forgotten, but not by those who appreciate this favorite Falloween spell. After all, hypothetically, if Halloween is said to release the various folkloric creatures of legend who emerge and gallivant the night, then their influence would continue through the juncture, and beyond...

Winterfest features merchant booths, arts & crafts, fair-like foods, a petting zoo {featuring various farm animals; my favorite are the goats, although they seem to have not wanted to be there}, a "snow slide" {artificial snow is provided for a glide down a rippled ramp}, a "train ride" {actually a train-shaped tram on wheels}, & Old St. Nick lighting the xmas tree, after which patrons have the option to be photographed with him. May be good for most children.

Walking down the center street transformed a midway of sorts, with My Diabolus cane & black leather trench coat, the crowd was the typical blur of clones, as we tend to stand out quite dramatically. Nothing quite ratifies the sensation of being the alien elite as perceiving the stratifying contrast between the veritable wolves and common sheep. The amusing parting of the way experienced, the fearful hushed whispers, etc., which is rather gratifying, actually.

Upon exiting the Noctuary, amidst the demon winds, the scent of burning was strong in the air. Billowing smoke proceeded from behind the structures on the main thoroughfare. Upon later inspecting the local news events, turns out the Masonic Lodge was ablaze, which is right next to a Mortuary; the latter which remained untouched, which is good to know, considering these structures tend to display a pleasant aesthetic construction, contributing to the environment. From personal contemplation, such occurrences tend to happen semi-regularly, as if to 'announce one's presence', as it were. Approximately one year prior, the local parade which usually takes place without incident, was cancelled due to torrential rain upon our arrival. There are many other instances of these 'synchronicities' as well.

Overall, wherever it may be, a date with The Devil always proves most eventful. ∞

Tags: diary, seasonal, winter

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