Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Coffin Rust Halloween Print 7

Coffin Rust Halloween 7

Very pleased to receive the 7th annual Coffin Rust Halloween print this pleasantly cool & foggy Autumn evening, with evocative scents of burning fireplaces, the crunching of leaves adorning walkways & veritable fall bouquets upon blackened trees.

Surely a trick & a treat, this edition features the juxtaposition of a beautiful, nubile witch "borrowing" a crone's 'skin mask', as it were, for Halloween festivities, to her chagrin, while a little black cat familiar looks on from the beauty's broomstick.

With uses of darkly rich textures and coloration, this year's manifestation is a jovially amusing piece destined to be displayed for Samhain observation, & appreciated the year through. These wonderfully fanciful top-notch quality depictions compliment the season perfectly, stimulating the imagination & adding that extra bit of charm. ∞

Tags: art, black earth, dractober, halloween, noctuary

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