Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nox Arcana: The Dark Tower

Nox Arcana: The Dark Tower
XLVI A.S. Monolith Graphics. Genre: Classical, Orchestral, Gothic.

Majestic. Aristocratic. Ominous. ..

The Dark TowerThe sky darkens in overcast bliss outside the window, overlooking the forest below. Storm brews and candlelight flickers. Lightning flashes to reveal nightmares come to life, while darkened orchestrations fill the gloom of the room. The enchanting voice of the spectral banshee drifts sweetly, with nocturnal breezes and apparition. Your journey upon the winding path has led you to The Dark Tower...

With traces of Born of The Night, The Dark Tower rises from the Underworld resurrected, overshadowing the night in nefarious contemplation. Magnificent artwork graces the opus throughout, illustrating the Gothic tale based on the book Tales From The Dark Tower in a landscape of tenebrous visual gratification, accompanied by the mazes of the mind to solve the hidden riddles within, keys to open secret doors deep within the recesses of The Castle.

A special invitation as a guest of The Dark Queen, to dine on crimson delights, as the Knight stands sentinel, while the mirthsome jester amuses the morbid court, Voices echo through the stone hallways with haunting narration, while The Nocturne flows beautifully while dreaded denizens emerge.

Resplendent organs, gong strikes, ghostly choirs, the phantom orchestra, diabolical narrations, all ideal for Halloween celebrations & timeless Lair accentuation. Acquiring the tome is recommended to delve deep into the legendry herein. Another most enjoyable chapter in the annals of this malefic musical grimoire. ∞

Tags: dractober, halloween, music, nox arcana, review

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