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Skid Row's "18 & Life" song...

From the Tales of Devin Black:

As an interesting note about this song, I actually was acquainted with an individual named Ricky when residing in North Hollywood as a Dracling. He and I frequented several Hollywood nightclubs at the time for the Metal shows, and he was indeed known as a veritable "wild child" - even his mother referred to him as a "character" whereupon he once took the wheel of the family car & proceeded to screech about the street. His cropped & chopped long blond hair styled a-la Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx / Vince Neil, sported a red streak on one lock, & his attire matched much of the band's. (At the time, mine was more relatively akin to Mick Mars' disposition).

Though I had purchased the KISS Alive I & II albums much earlier (as I was drawn to the theatrics), Rick contributed in re-igniting My interest in Heavy Metal while attending camp, then eventually in his room which was wall-papered with posters of favored bands. Though he primarily favored Glam & Metal bands, much of which I also appreciated, I would subsequently be more fascinated with Death & Black Metal bands, which he had a reticence towards, perhaps at least in part influenced by residue from his Italian-Catholic upbringing.

I eventually relocated, seeing him once more when his hockey team was playing nearby My new residence. He was accompanied by another acquaintance I had seen abouts from time to time in the former neighborhood, a lanky fellow who was taken aback by My darker aesthetics & growing interest in the Occult. This was the last time I would see either of them.

Some time later, I received a curious collect call from Rick, when I had later learned through his mother that he had been admitted to a correctional facility. No definite word about the lanky fellow, though I never heard anything from or about him again. I have since not heard from Rick, although I would not be surprised that he may have been capable of such a purported act, as such was his rather unbalanced personality. Now, I am reminded of Ricky every time I hear this song, & am not sure it is not actually about him... ∞

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