DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Gothic Dreamscapes

Gothic Dreamscapes
Gothic Dreamscapes
By Patrick Flanagan; Dark Moon Press. Genre: Poetry, Photography.

Peer behind the nocturnal veil within this tome, revealing layers of skeletal transformation, & see into the gracefully darksome photography with poetic expressions of tenebrous sentiment, complimenting one another in a delicate balance of life and death.

Impressionate photographs captured in timelessness of cemeteries, crypts, desolate, forgotten locations, wind-worn trees, eerily visaged statues of tragic disposition, haunt the mind like forbidden vistas into some black paradise, where the reader walks amongst strewn leaves & the distant braying of phantom hounds & weeping echoes float upon the chilled winds.

Dark Moon Press presents a beautiful book with those of Gothic sensibilities, ideal for overcast afternoons and stormy evenings. Those who appreciate the works of E. A. Poe will enjoy this collection by candlelight, and delve into the dark side of the psyche where mysterious, ghostly & angelic specters reside to haunt the imagination, inspiring deep introspection. ∞

Tags: bibliography, book review, gothic, photography, poems, poetry

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