DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.

Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.

Tonight is commemorated the XLVIth anniversary of the foundation of The Church of Satan, cadre of the superior alien elite, the first and only Cabal in history celebrating the Satanist. Evolving from The Magic Circle, with psychological, psychodramatic experiments tested, proven, and applied to form a unique carnal philosophy of self-determination, individualism, & indulgence.

What Magus LaVey initiated on that enchanted fog-laden night has born great fruition. Ever evolving, gathering strength, the humanimal's natural dispositions & potential championed, the virtues of intellectuality & reason, & the striving for excellence in all endeavors. ∞

Hail The Infernal Empire! HAIL SATAN.

~ Warlock Draconis Blackthorne.

Church of Satan

Tags: seasonal greetings, walpurgisnacht

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