DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NOW AVAILABLE: The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI A.S.

The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI

The Devil's Diary XVII: Walpurgisnacht XLVI
: This musickal edition features interviews with musicians Citizen Prometheus & Lord of Syn, along with essays on Total Environments, Greater Magic, physical superiority, & the difference between Satanism & devil worship. Participants include Warlock Tier Instinct, Dorian Grey, Robert Leuthold, G. A. Morgan, & others. Also features Satanic Serenades poetry, The Shadow Gallery, quotations, Noctuarium multimedia reviews, The Satanic Panic Archives, & more! ∞

The Devil's Diary Blackthorne Productions Black Arts & Witch Crafts

Tags: black arts & witch crafts, blackthorne productions, devil's diary, literature, magazines

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