Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Thorns & Blood Roses

A wonderful creature in shadowy red
A beauteous voice rings forth
Emerges this Diva to echo the world
With her darkly angelic repose
Who is the marvel aglow in the night
Rising from dark grace below
With eyes of deep vision piercing all through
Yet sweet with soft burning fire and dew
Fair skin phosphorescent in candlelight gleam
Dressed in the webs of a manifest dream
Waters reflection in vision and mind
The Kiss of a Demoness stream

Black Thorns & Blood Roses
Pain and pleasure dance to the serpent's tune
Nectar drips like candle wax
Underneath full moon

Black Thorns & Blood Roses
By the incense and the flame
Gentle whispers of the name
Into crevasse and cleave
Tender folds sweetly scented
Savored by the blissful sting

To feel your touch
Embraced in a universe of splendid music
Warm and sweet scented with raspberries and cream
Velvet hair upon my skin
Pleasures wrapped in succulent sin
This is black heaven indeed...

Tags: erotica, love, lust, poems, poetry, romance, satanic serenades, satantra

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