Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lightmare / White Hell

"He goes to and fro upon the earth seeking whom he may devour..."

Transgression, tribulation
Lightmare floods the land and senses
White Hell proliferation
Melts sublime flesh to black
Incense, leather, candle-wax
Peering forth, the world to shadow

Blare silenced with thoughts ascendant
Ugliness obscured, blacklight filtration
Glare subsides 'neath dark-winged splendor
Stare sustained for selfish pleasure

White Hell Lightmare, blinding blight
Bleaches bones and sores the eyes
Stanchion of Strength and Might
Unworthy worms graced by the sight
Like Dante's vision, reserve the prize

What they see they do not know
Ignorance and fear they show
Mediocre, weak and low
Beneath My boots, I crush their bough

Amused by the pretension, they sink into detention
The herd and flock return to their petty lie-ves...

And as the night descends
Lightmare turns to Nightmare
White Hell fades to Black Heaven bliss
A world of victims prostrate to My will
Take that which tempts until I get My fill!

Tags: misanthropy, poems, poetry, satanic serenades

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