Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Hell's Bells II

Satanic Panic Archive

Typical christian propaganda. Overall, much of the same as the first, just repackaged, though still amusing. Ironically, much of the accusations and erstwhile {and obviously biased} 'observations' on the genres 'examined' are implemented by christinsanity on its own followers in their own insidious manner. On the 'right' hand, Christian "music" remains some of the most bland, mediocre, and otherwise plagiaristic forms of ear sores in existence.

Those who are influenced by such amusements beyond the realm of entertainment will continue to fester in delusion within a dualistic paradigm, and remain in servile stasis. The reality is that most who listen to these genres, or most films for that matter, are merely harmless programmed sheeple who will consume what is put in front of them when touted as desirable entertainment, however talentless.

If the music cited actually inspires suicidal tendencies & self-destructive behavior in the weak of mind, then good riddance. Darwinian Law takes precedence. If it inspires homicide, then the herd has been thinned. Criminals use whatever misperceived justifications they can to commit crime, and they shall suffer the consequences of their actions. If this presentation serves to attract black sheep back to church, then good riddance as well.

On the 'other' hand, the stable and evolved individual can derive gratification from whatever preferred entertainment desired, as proper balanced perspective is naturally maintained. ∞

* Satanic Panic Archive: Hell's Bells I.

Tags: blindlight, christinsanity, crime, criminology, heavy metal, herd mentality, herd stupidity, malefick musick, music, mythology, satanic panic, sheeple, sociology, sra, stuporstition, superstition, video

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