Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


Dorian Grey presents: Semjaza
XLIV A.S. Eight Legged Studios. Genre: Classical, Instrumental.

Masterful, inspirational. A rare black gem to be sure, combining the classical with the subtly Gothic, likened a combination of Nox Arcana & LeRue Delashay. An ingenious plethora of blissful transitions grace the opus like the branches of a skeletal tree underneath the full moon.

SemjazaI. Semjaza Rising: A dread force emerges... manifesting from the ebon darkness, appearing shadows manifesting like incense, hauntingly eerie, floating specters rising from Hell. Captures the sensation of the gathering of energies for the impending working to come.
II. Ultima Diaboli: Brooding, plucking at strands of consciousness, kettle drums yield sweetly dripping poisonous nectar.
III. Novus Ordo Seclorum: Majestic military pageantry, asserting a mideival marche into forbidden territories, wind blown banners ripple, claiming victory with every discovery.
IV. Philanthropy Eviscerated: By the light of a candelabrum, a melancholy violin is joined by piano, reminiscent of Dark Shadows. Perfect for a rainy night and a well-worn book.
V. Malleus Maleficarum: Strings, ominous kettle drums, portray the insane urgency of the oppressive mood when this text featured prominently throughout the process of unjust jurisprudence, culminating in a wonderfully transitional finale making way for the following epiphonous ecstatic repose...
VI. Euphoria In The Reign of The Light Bringer: Jovial, playful, jaunty. Actually inspires a sense of well-being as the title would suggest. Another marvelous transition about midway point enriches a return to the blissful onset.
VII. Imperium Et Libertas: Bestows a sense of liberty, soaring upon the wings of Lucifer. An uplifting orchestration.
VIII. The Sigil of Baphomet: An enchantingly mystical piece, a swelling chorus of dark angels; while a foreboding silence descends, introducing a single oboe to the ether, black noise sets The Devil's tone, with hell-bell punctuations sealing the Is-To-Be. Depicts a ritual impression.
IX. Lex Talionis: One perceives the sense of the wheels of diabolic justice turning, the acquisition of vengeance, the natural progression of balancing the scales.
X. Love Songs of The Left Hand Path: Beautifully gentle fluid harmonies. Ur sound proliferation emanating the essence of the compassionate, with an aristocratic ambiance of romanticism. Dreams in The Garden of Dark Delights.
XI. Non Servium: Noble, darkly angelic choir, poingated with harpsichord, and penetrating, encompassing Ur Sound quality.

To gratify the visual aesthetics, complimenting that conjured from the theater of the mind, the cover features 'The Statue of The Fallen Angel' from Retiro, Spain by Ricardo Bellver, and the fallen angel motif of "Paradise Lost" on the reverse side as crafted by Gustave Dore'.

Overall, Semjaza has a very soundtrack feel, making for an ideal meditation in multiple notable movements of transitive sensation. The Composer has found his primary genre, in My estimation, with these divinely unholy, Luciferic permutations. If this opus inspires sublime sonic gratification, it is pleasing to consider an eventual subsequent offering may be in the creation. Highly recommended. ∞

{As an aside, if so inclined, you may also wish to experience Meistro Grey's compositions in the Metal genre, by the name of Thorn Fetish}.


Tags: malefick musick, music, review

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