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Typical examples of Devil Worship Hysteria.

While reading a tome entitled "Raising Hell", I was reminded of The Satanic Panic. Having an interest in Criminology, ask just about any question on the subject, and I will probably know the details of any given case. The tales read like lurid fictional novels, which they essentially are, and I have always been a horror enthusiast - reading it, writing it, drawing it. Some like to read Detective stories, well, when in the mood, My preference in a similar vein usually leans towards this particular genre.

My recollection of The Satanic Panic includes being followed around in High School by a glassy-smiled "Occult Investigator" / "Satan-Sleuth" hoping to derive some good copy for his crusadering cause while feeding law enforcement agencies inacurracies at 'seminars' {his eventual disappointment & realizations would yield retractions and apologies for his contributions to the SRA conspiracy}; the lingering atmos-fear of dread by sheeple, the rants of pastors {several of whom ironically DID commit many of the deeds alleged throughout their church's history, much of which has recently come to light; "thou doth protest too much, methinks..."}, record & book burnings, and passive-aggressive talk show hosts giving air time to just about any hysteric claiming involvement in this folk legend, to murderers projecting blame either on society, or pretending to be under the influence of a literal devil, or both.

The vast collection of yarns make for what I refer to as the "satanistic bible" - a term I have heard used by members of the drawling herd from time to time {much like "grimoree"}; those urban legends make a societal fear mythology, and is evident of the repression of the totality of the mind & body by unnatural foolosophies, as the "dark side" will out, one way or another, and if the prevailing repressive mytheology contains potentials for aberrant behavior, it is always only a matter of time until it emerges in some psychotic form. That term refers to the collective stuporstitious terrorizing of the gullible populace by the white wolves. I Am reminded of those fanciful illustrations of Satan seated on The Infernal Throne gazing out upon the earth, witnessing the insanity of its teeming inhabitants, knowing full well that carnal nature will prevail.

In this true-crime genre, the monstrous characters influenced by judeo-christian-islamic dualistic mindsets, the homicidal global cults, the generational traditions, "breeders", right down to the petty dabblers, all make for a horror movie scenario more sensationalistic than what has been rarely reproduced in most horror books & movies. The fascinating motivations, psychological underpinnings, criminological observations, etc., all make for an intriguing anthropological retrospective study in sub-human foible and aberrant behavior.

Being a Satanist in this climate, I have always been rather amused by it, actually, knowing full well the distortions made by paranoid fundamentalists and devil-worshipers alike, and they feed on each other like hungry cannibals. Sometimes having to personally clarify misunderstandings to those whom it would be worth explaining to, rather than dispensing factual relations of Satanism to those who are unwilling or unable to truly comprehend the truth of the matter, preferring instead to remain steeped in self-imposed ignorance, because convenient lies justify the misdirected masochist's beLIEf system. That would merely be Solipsism, and there's a damned good reason that is a Satanic Sin, along with Stupidity.

The limit is reached when those of a criminal mentality seek to replicate what they see in horror movies, or the news, or in the lyrics of enterprising executives and metal bands seeking attention with theatrical shock tactics, and victimize the undeserving, such as children and animals, which is made plainly obvious in the actual Satanic Bible that we do not condone such activity. Satanism demands study, not worship, and as such, those really interested in Satanism should read our basics to learn what the religion is all about, instead of gleaning disinformation from entertainment sources and those professional deceivers clad in hypocritical altruism. The former is for amusement, which should be kept in perspective, while the latter benefit from the fabrications. But this shall not be at our expense. Ergo, the necessity of proper representation when called for, while the inherent stimulating mystery is preserved.

The Satanic Panic was a dangerous fiction. It can be disturbing at times, disgusting at others, but it is always educational. Leave it to fundamentalists to 'cross'-over their fantasy-based delusions into the real world, ever imposing upon rational thought as they attempt to resurface it now and then, but the static is lessening until they finally implode into their own created oblivion.

While now further progressing into The Age of Fire, we can continue to look forward to the evolution of the superior humanimal in the championing of reason and self-mastery! ∞

Recommended reading on the subject:

* The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.
* Satanism: The Feared Religion; The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.
* Satanic Panic: The Creation of A Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor.
* Satanic Ritual Abuse Wikipedia.
* Christinsanity 2000 Part II: The Tables Have Turned; The Devil's Scroll.

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