DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

"Hallow's Evil"

Drac O' Lantern

Halloween here at The Noctuary was a success and a delight. I simply used some of the remnants already present at The Lair to create a psychodramatic spectacle to even out the tricks with the treats dispensed. Fog machine placed by the door, illuminated by the strobe, red & black lights on the porch, two jack o' lanterns placed on pedistals {one traditional fright face created by LB, the other, a carved rendition by Myself likened the image above, of Dr. LaVey from The Satanic Witch - photos forthcoming}. Music consisted of Magus Peter H. Gilmore's 'Threnody For Humanity', and Midnight Syndicate's "Born of The Night". As observed from the window, Spiderman and the Scream killer seemed popular amongst the herd this year; but I did notice one Morticia and one Wednesday, as well as a 'witch', a couple of angels and devils, a few 'ninjas', and the ubiquitous fairy princess. On a couple of occasions, I overheard some trick or treaters mention "too scary" as they ambled on by, which I take to heart. Yes, Amateur Night was most amusing.

Myself, I was dressed as... a Satanist; LB, a black cat. During the process of the night, it occurred to Me that as well as candy, someone should perhaps inaugerate "monster money" - redeemable until New Year's at certain shoppes for goodies like toys and selected candy. Slips would display various characters from horror-infamy.

A feast followed, and at Midnight, a splendidly empowering Sabbath ceremony from the pages of Dracomeroth. Overall, a most indulgent holiday.


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