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By Draconis Blackthorne

A cold familiar chill cascades from the West
The rictus of the Jack 'O' Lantern glows through the night
Sweet dreams of archetypal splendor greets smiles and fright
As children laugh and play with Trick or Treat delight
'Neath the pall of the Grim One's sight...

The skeletal trees athrust to the sky
Leaves blown by the wind of the whispering breeze
The House there stands vacant, or so it seems
Then who's are the eyes that peer through the beams?

Devil Moon nigh, peers from on high
Flooding the earth with blue-crimson light
Vampires and Werewolves arise for a "bite"
Nightmares alive in glory and might!

Black candles a-shimmer in the beautious gloom
The shadows take shape in the depths of your room
The demons, the devils, the ghouls and the ghosts
The Gates are cast open, we welcome the hosts
Our brothers and sisters from Hellish Abodes
By thunder and lightning, the ravens have flown...

The Sabbath bell calls through black haunted halls
Baphomet's smile in daemonic guile
By Satan, Lucifer descends Leviathan to Belial
Looming spechtrous by words of Spell
Lingering shades, All Hallow's Eve
By what was spoken, shall soon be reaped
In pleasure, in passion, in feral grace
Halloween's wonders, come take thy place!
Tags: halloween

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