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The Trident 16

The Trident No. 16
$5.00 USA / $6.00 foreign

Just in time for Halloween, this issue is appropriately themed around death, in all of its manifestations, including burial sites, pre-planning for excarnation, the positive aspects and results of catastophe, the Museum of Funeral Customs in Springfield. Illinois, review of a great book on Satanic Artist Markus Meyer, and film reviews of Ed Gein and The Village. Also included is the Dear Abbey Brimstone column asking the compelling question "How Do You Sign A Life Away?", and an intriguing interview with Necro-Sculptor Owen Leitch. And again, the cover features the splendid artistry of Selene, displaying Infernal Progeny enjoying the company of a new playmate. A great issue to curl up with in the gloom of one's study, complimenting the 'spirit' of the season.

Legion of Loki
Attn: The Trident
P.O. Box 140252
St. Louis, MO 63114, USA

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