Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Secrets & Mysteries: Mystic Hitler

"Secrets & Mysteries", A.K.A., "Secrets of The Unknown" hosted by Edward Mulhare {'Devin Miles', Knight Rider, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir} features spotlights on various paranormal and historical subject matter examined in a prototypal parapsychologically-dramatic style, from a proposed library / study within the halls of a mysterious mansion, equipped with secret panels, a time machine, and a vast computerized system of data {a veritable internet} of stored knowledge. An imaginative and entertaining documentary-themed presentation personally enjoyed.

Among other subjects covered are witches, curses, unidentified flying objects, bigfoot, the lochness monster, volcanoes, tornadoes, stonehenge, ninjas {favorite}, poltergeists, hollywood hauntings, Jack The Ripper, The Titanic, & various other legends and phenomena.

{For those who appreciate the Knight Rider series, now we get to see what Mr. Miles does behind the scenes at the F.L.A.G. {Foundation for Law And Government} mansion while Michael is out on missions!}

Tags: documentary, paranormal, parapsychology, videos

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