Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Invisible War: Ego = God

The Invisible War: Ego = God
Composed & performed by Prometheus. Genre: Orchestral, Instrumental.

The Invisible WarDare to knock on the door of this mirthsome dimension, to either be at one with the predatory archetype displayed, or consumed in either fear, or gratification...

I. Infernal Overture: A majestic introduction worthy to herald the entrance of The Lord of The Earth, and inaugurate this malefik masterpiece.

II. Synergies: Conjoined integrations blend into shadowy energetic forces, forming both wondrous and terrible spectacles of the imagination, and the attraction of likened resonance compounding one's empowered being.

III. World Without End: With an appropriate Vampiric-sounding violin recycling myriad tonalities, this grants the impression of Constant regeneration, ever preserving beauty and strength.

IV. Ego = God: A memorable composition presenting a gratifying reversed music effect at times, overlain with waves of timelessness.

V. Cycling Eternally: A ponderous piece which floats in the air with a haunting somnambulence, hypnotic and brooding.

VI. The Black Dragon Conclave: Another majestic fanfare which would be quite fitting for a meeting of devils in the shadows of the earth.

VII. Der Wille Zur Macht: Strings punctuated with the beating of drums, unstoppable, perpetual. A tribute to the omnipotent Will materializing what one desires.

VIII. Metamorphosis: The evolution of The Self into higher states of being, and even that of lycanthropy, framed by a transmutating organ echoing eerily into the darkness.

IX. Kingdom: Rising up from the distance, ever closer to manifestation, by the sound of the gong, visions of a kingdom flickers in a dream, crossing dimensional portals wherein one can hear the denizens of the-is-to-be. A vision made reality.

Overall, Ego = God is a sonic journey into Might & Magic, resembling the works of Phillip Glass, with shades of Threnody For Humanity, and would make a fine horror soundtrack, also complimenting certain nocturnal activities. A potent emergence for The Invisible War, & the talents of this veritable Sonic Sorcerer. ∞

* Official website.
* myspace.

Tags: malefick musick, music, review

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