Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Old Nick magazine Volume 1, No. 2 {review}

Old Nick magazine
Volume 1, No. 2. Pentagram Productions, LLC.

Old Nick magazine Volume 1, No. 2I Am pleased to come into possession of the current issue of Old Nick magazine - "Playboy with Horns", as it were. Considerately arriving in its own sleeve, it is now the companion to the 1st issue, graciously obtained at the 6/6/6 High Mass.

Complimenting the devilish gentleman with discerning taste, we are treated to, among many other delights, the fine vice of cigar smoking etiquette, diabolical artistry, Sex Magick advice by 'Sexpert' Selina, an homage to the de-facto Dennis Wheatley {whose literary works are very much appreciated, & most worthy of integration}, spotlights on Witch Marilyn Mansfield {besides her ample attributes, includes an impressive rendition by Zoth Ommog in cowl & cape, & Witch Mansfield partaking of the Elixer of Ecstasy; of the classic Dr. LaVey & Jayne Mansfield photograph at her Pink Palace during ritual}; Magister Lang offers autobiographical relations on what kind of man reads Old Nick {much of which I can relate}; an intriguing evocative relation by a reminiscing sensualist who travels into a salacious relative's forbidden secrets; culminating in a splendid 13 question interview with Magus Gilmore, always offering sage advice & balanced perspectives on any given subject, so it was also interesting to read thoughts on sensuality, The High Mass, and personal relations.

The beauties featured herein are exquisite sexamples of varied pulchritude to taste. The High Mass Altar Girl demonstrates her best assets, and also poses with Magisters Rex Church & Lang as Baphomet gazes on approvingly; Witch Mansfield displays the rewarding contemplation of a living doll; Centerfold Gianna {Freud observed that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar - but not in her case!}, the devilicious Roxy {a truly exceptional delicacy}, Gothic model Melody {who is really inspired by POEtry; also, The Devil prosthetic model from Divine Interventions is noted} & Jen {who despite stifling admonitions from the servants of abstinence, revels lustily in her true darkly carnal nature}, each with their own adventurous sexcapade, and all glamorous vixens presented elegantly. Even the advertisements are designed to ignite the senses, appealing to the libertine sophisticate.

From cover to cover, Old Nick is repleat with sublime visual and literary content, enhancing each other in kind. Very well what would be foreseeably published by The Hellfire Club. A most welcomed addition to this Lair, and recommended for those who appreciate the finer things in life. ∞

* Sources: Official website.

Tags: erotica, literature, magazine, satan's scroll, sensuality, sex, sinemaerotica

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