Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


NO ON 66

VLADNO ON 66: The Three-Strikes Law was originally intended as a deterrent to criminals, and thusfar, it has suceeded in lowering the crime rate in California. These societal parasites must continue to fear the consequences of their actions, whether violent or non-violent offenses are committed. If the 3-Strikes Law is weakened, it would only go to facillitate and perhaps even encourage petty criminals to resume their loser lifestyle, being used to the revolving door scenario of the prison system, where they know they will be released expediently. In fact, I not only support preserving the 3-Strikes Law as it stands, but propose even harsher laws to be enforced. If Legis Draconum is implemented, the herd will behave, or face terrible consequences. I wrote an essay entitled "Gangs & Graffitti: The Satanic Solution", and now see that this could be extended to a larger range of destructive organisms. In My opinion, even the 3-Strikes Law is a bit lenient, but it is the best we have at the moment; and weakening it would only catre to the lower-life form. Punishment should be feared, not merely tolerated. Hail Vlad The Just!

Update XI/III\XXXIX A.S.: I Am most contented to report that this proposition was NOT passed! Hail Victory! Hail Lex Talionis! HAIL SATAN.

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