DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

House of Nightmares


Nox Arcana / Buzz Works: House of Nightmares
XLV A.S. Buzz Works, Monolith Graphics. Joseph Vargo: Vocals, Music, Art. Jeff Hartz: soundscapes. Design & Layout: Christine Filipak.

Trick or treat?

House of NightmaresLaying there amidst autumnal leaves, a likened-hued packet awaits possession, House of Nightmares has found its way from one to another this fine Dractober evening, in the wake of Theater of Illusion. Contemplating this latest opus by the combined talents of Joseph Vargo & Jeff Hartz at Satan's Hollow, a breeze actually blew upwards from the black earth, like the breath of The Dragon upon the flesh.

The sun goes down...

This splendid combination yields another haunted opus for the Halloween season, and celebrations the year through. The storm arrives as the sun sets, creating the mood on the way up the shadowed path, environments transgressed, sensations felt, then reveals the secret horrors which dwell within. What is it about this dark house that is so compelling? That certain glow, the strange shadows, the sounds...

Opening The Gates...

There is much one can relate to. In many ways, this release is a theme for that mysterious archetypal structure present upon the land and within the mind. Sound effects accentuate the permutations, the veritable dark force in nature orchestrated by daemonic hands.The Cover art features one such depiction*, the trapezoidal Black House, gray stone and iron spires, mansard roof, greeting with gargoyles and all those things that go 'bump' in the night, come and go, and live here...

Echoes From The Pit...

Vargo's classical compositions are thusly complimented by Jeff Hartz's serrated contributions {perhaps best exemplified in Bridge Between Worlds}. Of particular note, the title track House of Nightmares {establishing the proper ambiance by rolling thunder, echoes from The Pit, and emerging fog, asserting the presence of the Hellementals}, The Summoning {poetic incantation narrative to those we know so well}, The Black Abyss {churning, especially the sudden sounds of an impressive helltrain, no less}, Devil's Night {featuring fiery tribal reverberations upon decorated skins}, and the absolutely magical Hallow's Eve, capturing the enchanting essence of the Belial season {spectral organ and harpsichord with the subtle strains of the Halloween & Phantasm themes}. These key selections are connected by a string of complementary orchestrations enhancing one another in kind.

Like those before it, House of Nightmares tells a musical story projected by the imagination, where the darkness itself serves as a canvas for dreams, for fears, & diabolical gratification, conjoined with the nefarious legends accompanying them, illustrating that dark side dimension within and throughout. ∞

* It was also a delightful surprise to see a familiar face upon the CD, since Midnight Syndicate's Born of The Night.

Tags: dractober, halloween, malefick musick, multimedia, nox arcana, review

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