Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Opvs Daemonvm

The Devil's Diaries Volume 1: Opvs Daemonvm

From The Devil's Hand...

Peer into the forbidden pages of this diabolical tome containing over 50 essays and writings penned by members of The Church of Satan. Now is your opportunity to possess the best content in these issues in one book. Volume 1 covers Issues 3-15. XXXVII-XLV A.S.

Pure Satanic Thought...

Subjects include misanthropy, social commentary, science, humor, blasphemy, poetry, total environments, adventures, Lesser & Greater Magic, rituals, philosophy, psychology, interviews, experiments, technology, politics, and more. Includes extra material not previously published.

Just in time for Halloween, & Dedicated to The Citizens of The Infernal Empire, dare to read these entries for your edification, amusement, contemplation, and reflect upon the burning words by these veritable deamons incarnate!

(These can be possessed at the following locations:)

* Store.
* The Devils Diary.

The Devils Diary #16 will be released for Halloween XLV A.S. Deadline for submissions is October 13th, XLV. Please send submissions to The Editor.

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Tags: black arts & witch crafts, blackthorne productions, books, church of satan, infernal empire, literature, satanism

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