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Some school districts putting bans on Halloween festivities

Some states around the country have banned Halloween activities in schools, saying it takes time away from learning.

Other schools have banned the holiday festivities because some families do not celebrate it for religious reasons or because they cannot afford costumes.

In Utah, schools are finding different ways to recognize the holiday, allowing students to participate while not conflicting with religious values or losing classroom time.

At Amelia Earhart Elementary School in Provo, the faculty deals with similar concerns by having the children relate their costumes to characters in books.

"We do that because we have different religions that don't celebrate Halloween, but they are able to participate if it's literature or a storybook type of thing," Hansen said.

Many other elementary schools in Provo are continuing to have their traditional Halloween festivities.

The Provo School District has not made any official decision about the issue of whether or not schools should ban activities related to the holiday.

"It's not been something that's been brought up, that I have heard," said Sharon Richardson, who works for the Provo School District superintendent's office.

The rules at Amelia Earhart and other Provo schools include banning fake blood, fangs, sharp fingernails, masks or fake weapons.

"Even if you're a pirate, you can't bring a fake sword," Hansen said.

At Canyon Crest Elementary School they think Halloween is a great holiday for the kids and parents.

"They don't get into their Halloween costume until after lunch on the day of the parade," said Patti Sanderson, the school's secretary. "We have parties the very last hour of school."

Canyon Crest continues to have Halloween activities because it is a tradition.

At Joaquin Elementary, they have not had a costume parade for a couple of years.

"The little kids costumes are cute, but some of the older kids costumes were getting more and more gruesome every year," said Don Dowdle, the school's principal.

Wasatch Elementary School continues to have Halloween activities because of tradition and the parental support, said Betty Johnson, the school's secretary.

Deborah Schow, a resident of Orem and a parent to three children in elementary school, thinks the school's need to continue having Halloween parties.

"I think the kids need to have fun somewhere," Schow said. "They need to add some creativity with the educational process.

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{I have a feeling the principal is probably a covert Christian who used the excuse of offending weakans in order to ban childrens' costume fun, which would just make this one day at school that much more enjoyable while stimulating the imagination and self-expression. In regards to this issue being a religious one, it should be all or nothing. If Halloween is not recognized, then neither should other holidays; and/or parents should have the option to keep their children at home for that day. In regards to weakans, sad to day that many do actually resemble that depiction closer than they think. - comment on "School District Bans Halloween"}.

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