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Sex offenders banned from traditional Halloween activity

Local law enforcement officers have been compiling current lists of registered sex offenders to make sure that those who are not allowed to have children in their presence do not participate in Halloween activities.

Placing Halloween decorations that can be seen as a way to attract children to one's home is forbidden in some instances, according to Pasadena police Lt. M. P. Jackson. Pasadena police will be checking those residences to ensure the sex offenders are abiding by the terms of their sentence, Jackson said. Parents can also protect their children by learning where the sex offenders live in their neighborhoods and telling their children to avoid those homes all year long, Jackson said. Those with Internet service can look up registered sex offenders at the Texas Department of Safety Web site at free of charge.

Those without Internet service can use Internet service free of charge at the public library, however there is a fee to print material from the Web site. The Web site includes information about sex offenders, such as the crime they were convicted of, the age of the victim and the length of their sentence. The Web site also includes pictures of some of the convicted sex offenders. The site also has a mapping section in which addresses can be entered. Sex offenders are shown as dots on the map with names listed next to the dots.

The dots are color coded to the risk level, with red being a high risk and black being unknown.

Jackson recommended that families make use of the free service for their children's protection.

The Pasadena Independent School District also has information about sex offenders; however Kirk Lewis, PISD spokesman, said that the information on the Web site may be more up to date.

Jackson issued a warning to registered sex offenders that if they are breaking the terms of their sentence there is a good chance they will be caught, because officers will be checking specific addresses.

South Houston Police Chief Herbert Gilbert said his officers will also check to make sure that registered sex offenders are abiding by their sentences in the city.

Jackson reminded parents that an adult should always be present when children are participating in Halloween activities.

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