Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Midnight Syndicate: Cemetery Gates

Midnight Syndicate: Cemetery Gates
2008 c.e. Entity productions. Genre: Instrumental, Gothic, orchestral, atmospheric.

A cool chill brushes upon the skin as fog rolls in at dusk. The Magic of the night reveals an ornate black iron gate appearing from out of the gloom... what exquisite terrors await within? The gate slowly creeks open to bid your company. Enter for your multi-sensory indulgence!

Cemetery Gates marks the first release by Midnight Syndicate since The 13th Hour, and is actually a very pleasing addition. Particularly notable tracks include The Revenants (grants the listener a Tubular Bells experience), Dark Legacy (a melancholy piano joined with an organ punctuated by the sound of a crashing gong), Alchemist's Chamber (interchanging harpsichord and organ expresses an aristocratic ambiance), Cathedral Ruins (a very phantomesque piece one may expect to hear drifting up from the labyrinthine grotto deep below the Theater), & title track Cemetery Gates (ghostly bells echo across the landscape reminiscent of Moonlight Sonata to call up those who may heed). These selections really capture the essence of the genre to compliment any discerning Haunted House nicely.

The darkly erotic Goth rock selections can be heard on this CD in the recently added bonus tracks Not Your Savior (sounds like what one might hear as background at a goth club, with a mild industrial influence), & Lost (this one has a rather Goosebumps refrain to it, inclusive of an entrancing siren's song). The third offering is a remix of the theme to the movie The Dead Matter, featuring a stimulating combination of the two genres.

Seems the theme here in part was the inspiration for the plot of the film The Dead Matter (also the secondary title), which expounded upon same. Not to be confused with the soundtrack. These are two distinct releases.

Overall, Cemetery Gates is beautifully graceful, haunting, gloriously morbid, and excellently eerie ~ surely a perfect compliment to a haunted noctuary the year through.

A brief history: Before MS endeavored exclusive instrumental orchestrations, they were essentially a Goth Rock band, until one composer Joseph Vargo entered the frame, at which point a concentration on orchestral creations began to permeate, and to wonderful materializations, from compositions, artistry, to narrations, successfully introducing a Classical & Goth combination, enriching both in kind. After leaving MS, Vargo created Nox Arcana with William Piotrowski & Christine Filipak, & operate under Monolith Graphics.

Tags: malefick musick, midnight syndicate, music, nox arcana, review

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