Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Giger Calendar XLV

Giger Calendar 2010 c.e. XLV A.S.
Morpheus Gallery

It is that time of year when I have the nefarious pleasure to unveil another Giger calendar into The Noctuary, that its visual darkness may grace My Lair for another permutation of timelessness. This offering beholds the following sublime works:

I. The Vortex: An amazing representation of an inter-dimensional spiral with a sense of counter clockwise movement here, in subtle blurring to certain segments, encircled within a spinal nautilus, with interlocking phantom arms descending into the black abyss. Favorite #3.

II. Shaft: Two sleeping beauties morphed into a couple of bone columns serve as an entryway into a passage beyond in a labyrinth of beautiful nightmares.

III. NYC X-Chelsea Cockroaches: A biomechanical parasitic creature resembling an insectoid worm winds its way up through a corridor, hidden from view in the darkness, perhaps deep within dank walls, or scuttling beneath your feet.

IV. Astronaut: A Sci-fi piece made with Martin Schwarz, this colorful image appropriately conveys the impression of space travel to various dimensions to observe interstellar civilizations and discover new worlds.

V. Humanoid 1: An alienesque female form emerges from a technological womb to awaken to multi-sensory stimulation.

VI. Skull Wharf: An amazing bronze sculpture depicting a skull bound in straps and spiked bolts, connected to a striated breathing tube. perhaps a memento mori asserting either trans human innovation, or cyborg integration.

VII. Die Wittwe Des Rennfahrers: Or "The Widow of The Running Driver", this morbid display features a female form in garters holding what could be a translucent body bag with what appears to be a fetus and a racing wheel, amongst other intriguing contents.

VIII. Lord of The Rings II: Within a canyon of this biological landscape arises what appears to be a ventricled structure indicating a cardiac center, most probably a depiction of a heart within a ribcage.

IX. Beauborg: A classic bio-mechanical, cybernetic display emitting three milky bulbous rivulets.

X. Alien Monster IV: Also featured on the cover, is this impressive alien creature configuration, alludes to the Oroboros, perhaps here in gestation. Favorite #2.

XI. Passage XVI: Herein is a keyhole, and considering the psycho-sexual nature of much of the artist's work, could very well be indicative of a carnal orifice accompanied by pistons & pumps.

XII. Vlad Tepes: A magnificent conglomeration of demonic imagery, including a spire like spike as part of a serpentine, skeletal appendage from a devilish creature (perhaps a representation of Tepes) spearing another creature in the eye, accompanied by another demonic being bearing a bestially skeletal rictus, while flanked by two female creatures in salacious rapport, themselves "staked". Nearby, a series of spikes await like a chamber in a firearm, while a tentacled womb appears below. Favorite #1.

Along with these splendid phantasmagoric materializations, are dates of nefarious significance, notable nativities of individuals within a plethora of the dark fine arts, contemplative quotations, all presented upon an elegant black gloss format, sure to compliment any devilish Lair.

Tags: aesthetics, art, calendar, giger, review, shadow gallery, total environment

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