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The Dead Matter

The Dead Matter
XLV A.S. 3-disc deluxe edition. Directed by Edward Douglas. Starring Andrew Divoff {Vellich}, Tom Savini {Sebed}, Jason Carter {McCallister}, Sean Serino {Gretchen}, Tom Nagel {Mike}, C.B. Spencer {Jill}, Christopher Robichaud {Frank}, Brian Van Camp {Mark Pym}, Donna Williams {Rebecca}. Genre: Horror.

An unexpected arrival just recently, is this triple feature compendium of the film 'The Dead Matter' with soundtrack, and the Halloween music collection, which is essentially a "best of Midnight Syndicate" release, intended for Halloween spookshows and even personal celebrations. Having appreciated the compositions of Midnight Syndicate since discovering them at a Halloween shoppe circa Realm of Shadows, and then on through The 13th Hour, it is actually a pleasing surprise.

The Dead Matter {film & soundtrack}

Plotline 1: Two Vampire Warlords argue about the so-called "new way" and the "old ways". Tom Savini plays a mafia-like character named Sebed, to Andrew Divoff's more traditional vampire role as Vellich, although both register as "evil" personalities. Sebed prefers plasma injections versus the cinematically common blood ingestion of Vellich, who has a trick or two up his sleeve, granting him the advantage after all.

Plotline 2: A group of friends find an Egyptian scarab medallion in the woods, so predictably, just like with Ouija boards, one of the girls named Gretchen {reminiscent of Queen of The Damned} decides to play around with The Occult and have a seance to call forth her recently deceased brother. They take on more than they can handle*, and end up with a zombie, rotting away, but following her every instruction. She familiarizes herself with the relic's basic possibilities a bit, but it is not until the end when she becomes 'possessed' by a Necromantic entity that its full potential is unleashed.

Plotline 3: Besides the vampire vs. vampire scenario, there is also a "Van Helsing"-like vampire hunter named McCallister, who actually 'crosses' the line between battling the nosferatu, quelling the zombie, and providing ritualistic advice to the obsessed / possessed Gretchen.

Apparently made on a condensed budget, this film has a rather 'made for TV' vibe to it, probably due to the fact that this was obviously recorded on videotape instead of film grade, but the production value really makes up for it in the above average acting, special effects, soundtrack, and intriguing dual plot, where it really counts. A fun little movie one may encounter during a late-night Halloween season broadcast.

Special features include a blooper reel, a making of featurette with interviews, film commentary, behind the scenes footage, and music videos by Midnight Syndicate {one of which gives the impression of the 'Goosebumps' theme}, as well as three rather impressive fan-made creations.

The soundtrack is appreciated for what it is, with dramatic action-adventure / horror / thriller orchestrations to accentuate scenes, characters, and activity, but can very well stand on its own, though not quite comparable to an individual opus.

Film: 3.5/5 | Soundtrack: 4/5.

Halloween Music collection

Contains 22 selections from Gates of Delirium, Realm of Shadows, Vampyre: Symphonies From The Crypt, The 13th Hour, "Out of The Darkness", & "Cemetery Gates", the latter which is the first recording since The 13th Hour; although in My estimation, that and the previous releases are the absolute best from Midnight Syndicate, who along with Nox Arcana (personal favorite), are ideal for Halloween festivities.

* The warning on the back cover of Necronomicon comes to mind: "...these rites may expose you to psychological forces of which you may not be able to cope!"

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