Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

America's Best Kept Secret


America's Best Kept Secret: A Look At Modern Day Satanism
{XXII A.S. 1988 c.e. Passport Magazine, Logos International. Hosted by Brian Sussman. Genre: Documentary / Satanic Panic.}

Misinformation after misinformation. A really despicable demonstration of Satanic Panic paranoia at its most extreme. It is revealed just how rotten these white wolf christian cultists can be, victimizing their own kind, exploiting mental weakness, while blaming The Devil for their own mental illness.

The show is divided up into several sections of proposed 'satanistic' categories:

  • 'Religious': probably the only one somewhat resembling actual Satanism, although oft-times misconstrued with blindlight minority religions like santeria or weaka, which follow the same general paradigms with different terminology for same.
  • 'Solo': Either those independently exploring the occult, "stoner" types, many times mixed up with petty criminals or murderers.
  • 'Generational': the conspiracy theory of so-called large mysterious cults handed down for generations by word of mouth and secret legacies infiltrating every strata of government and authoritative positions from law enforcement, instructors, to church leaders*; named as the most dangerous simply because there is the least amount of circumstantial and/or imaginary concocted 'evidence' available, and the most dramatic allegations to feed their crusader syndrome.

Some of the "advice" given to "task forces" grants the impression of "guilty until proven innocent", which has been the typical modus operandi of white-light theocracies throughout history, a lynch mob mentality, which always results in the tragedy of separating families, unjust accusations, and the general spread of misery. As is the white plague.

Also spoken of are the usual scenarios with Heavy Metal music {entertainers}, horror movies {entertainment}, Dungeons & Dragons {a role-playing game}, & even cartoons. Among those spreading misinformation at the time, false "former Satanist" Mike Warnke is given a generous amount of time; along with various other attention-starved opportunists & nutcases, who really appear to be either making this stuff up as they go along, projecting their own dementia, or encouraging the sick of brain to bolster their repertoire as well as lining their pockets with both tithes and serious funds.

As an aside, Sgt. Randy "Satan Sleuth" Emon returns briefly for another round {to his credit, he later apologized for contributing to the hysteria, & regrets ever being involved in all things Satanophobic}.

Exaggerating the premise are newspaper articles, archived crime scene photographs {unrelated}, video of children at play, adolescents supposedly involved in devil worship {which really just looks like friends socializing}, various locations {including 'The Private Eye', a favorite music store}, illustrations {one by this writer entitled "Infernal Majesty"}, and multimedia presentations cited as diabolically influential. This hysterical "documentary" plays like a videographic chick tract. Amusing at times, disturbing at others.

In lieu if the FBI discrediting this fabricated fear trend, this company and host only produced this one video, which may just have been the only 'good' thing about this presentation. These types of productions can now be retrospectively examined in a sociological context, to display the dangers of fundamentalist superstition. ∞

* Ironic how the actual perpetrators of anything resembling these claims are catholic priests & christian pastors. For elaboration, see "christinsanity 2000" parts 1 & 2 in The Devil's Scroll by Draconis Blackthorne.

Tags: blindlight, blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, documentary, reviews, satanic panic

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